Are you tired of eating and drinking your way through Covid?
Do you have little energy and are discouraged
about how you look and feel?
Want to lose weight, get fit and start doing fun stuff?

Are you tired of eating and drinking your way thru Covid? Do you have little energy and are discouraged with how you look and feel? Anxious about Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease?

Welcome to Laura Eiman's

Laura’s " I WANT TO WIN!" workshop

My Gold Medal Strategy
For You 

Lifelong weight loss and fitness begins first 
with what you feed your mind, (your thoughts and beliefs), then what you feed your mouth (your diet) and third what you feed your muscles
(your fitness plan).

1 + 1 = 11

Together you can achieve much more then when trying to hit your goals alone. Life is not a “Do It Yourself” program. Alone, you risk failing over and over again. Harnessing the power of the team is a powerful stragety for winning. 

Your Mission

Identify your two most exciting health and wellness goals and
join this community of
committed women.
Together you will become mentally tough
and work together to achieve them. 

Laura’s No More Excuses! Workshop

Your Mission

Identify your two toughest, biggest life changing health and wellness goals. Make the decision to join this community of committed women. Together learn how to become mentally tough and nail your goals.  

My Gold Medal Strategy For You

Success begins in your mind. Lifelong weight loss and fitness begins first by what you feed your mind, then what you feed your mouth (your diet) and third what you feed your muscles (your fitness plan).

The Plan

Life is not a “Do It Yourself” program. Alone, we risk failing over and over again. Together the power of teamwork will 20X your potential so you can start to win at your weight loss and fitness goals.

Strategies You Will Learn To Accomplish Your Goals:

I've received 5 star Google reviews for every workshop and 1-1 client I have coached.

Susan Newell - Hebron Academy, Portland ME: I cannot say enough wonderful things about the inspiration I received from Laura!  As a mother of 5 and completely exhausted and addicted to sugar I desperately needed someone to motivate me to change.

Laura helped me take my life and health back! I have lost 40lbs, gone off my blood pressure medication and have more energy then I have had years!  Laura is absolutely amazing and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and motivation.

Reed Kojic, Director at Cisco: Laura is hands-down the best coach I’ve ever worked with. As a female leader in the tech world at Cisco, she helped me improve myself, my leadership skills and to lead high-performing teams. Laura’s practical, insightful, and highly accountable approach has helped me elevate my performance
and that of my team.

How It Works

Weekly Zoom calls from
October 1 – Dec. 31.
(Dates and times TBD, to meet the needs of the group.)
For committed women only.
(If you don't show up
you can't win.)

You will be one of just six  women working with me in weekly Zoom calls to learn and practice my strategies to grow a success-based mindset, lose that excess weight, and get fit.


Weekly "mental push-ups" will be given to practice at home.
Everyone will be assigned a
Swim Buddy to hold them accountable for this homework
and for my fun, surprise
monthly challenges. 

Why coach with me?

How many coaches will teach you how to develop
the mindset of a mentally tough Navy SEAL so you can
put down that donut and pick up a dumbell?

I’m a Navy SEAL certified mental toughness coach and
21 years off of sugar and junk food. I won a gold medal in
Olympic weightlifting (yep, at age 64), and was endorsed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, Rachael Ray.

Most coaches fail to change a person’s mindset, nor do they teach
strategy.They dole out tips and “how-to’s” that anyone can find on
the internet. These are temporary, external solutions.

You can’t fix the outside without first fixing your insides.
Lasting success begins first with changing one’s mindset and habits.

I'm a big believer in having fun. You won't find a coach as passionate as I am about helping you win and REALLY enjoying your life. I'll support you, call you out on your stuff, and keep you relentlessly focused so you can
 hit your fun, juicy dreams. 
You will learn life-long mental toughness strategies that not only apply to fitness and weight loss solutions but to achieveing greater success in your career.
This is not a quick fix program. I sell no snake oil or slimy promises.

Women are really hurting right now and I want to help,
so I have cut the price 50%.
$XXX month for a X month commitment.

You will be requested to pay in full @ $XXX when signing up.

Apply today as this workshop is for six women only and will fill quickly. (Deadline is 9/26)

What will happen if you don’t take this workshop?
What if you gain a "Delta10"
and another year goes by?
All in, all the time. - Navy SEAL motto.
Your success depends on attending each Zoom call. If you miss one you are sabotaging your efforts to succeed and are letting yourself, swim buddy and your teammates down.
You deserve to win 
your own gold medals.


Click the button below to pay by PayPal or cc. 
Or if it's easier, you can Venmo me @laura-eiman

It has been so much fun staying the same weight
for the last 20 years. I'm fitter today at 68
then when I was 28. I want the same for you. 

How would it feel to really enjoy holiday parties, have a blast on vacation, process grief, continue thru this prolonged pandemic without gaining weight?


"Laura Eiman’s mental toughness workshops are the best investment I have ever made in my health, energy, and happiness. Thank you Laura for helping me lose the weight I could not lose on my own, no matter how hard I tried with just diet and exercise."

Hilary Loftus

Healthcare Education Director, HOW Foundation of S. Florida, Delray Beach, FL

"Laura’s mental toughness strategies have helped me reset my brain during CoVid to stay positive and strong. Laura is living proof “that anything is possible”, even during a crisis."

Vanessa Arends

Business Development Manager

"Laura Eiman is amazing! I hired her to do a workshop for our major investors. Her mental toughness presentation and was really impressive. She was funny, inspirational and her mental toughness approach is desperately needed these days. I highly recommend Laura Eiman for your next event or as a coach!"

Craig Kirsner

CEO Stuart Estate Planning
Coconut Creek, FL

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